Sensitive Skin Kit


This kit contains:

Revive, 30g: REVIVE is a light soothing cream that reduces the appearance of redness. Formulated with Niacinamide and standardized Quassia extract, REVIVE is the ideal product for sensitive skin and for use following in-clinic procedures such as chemical peels and photorejuvenation

Suggested use: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday night alternating with STT Gel.


Restore, 50g: RESTORE contains a rich blend of hydrating humectants and moisturizers including hyaluronic acid, barrier-enhancing lipids and peptides. Dry skin will feel especially soothed by RESTORE. This fragrance-free, non-comedogenic cream can be used day or night by all skin types and is ideal for use following in-clinic procedures.

Suggested use: As needed.

Subscription Period: 60 days


HydraGlow Serum, 30 mL: This lightweight, oil-free hydrating serum contains pure hyaluronic acid to improve hydration and tone. Blended with peptides and glycosaminoglycans, HYDRAGLOW improves the appearance of skin tone and texture and reduces the appearance of photo-aging. HYDRAGLOW is ideal for daily use under make-up, sunscreen or moisturizer and works well on all skin types.

Suggested use: Apply as needed, can also be used under creams & lotions.

Subscription Period: 60 days


Cleanse, 150 mL: Cleanse is a soothing foaming cleanser formulated for sensitive and reactive skin to be used daily. Containing Evodia extract, Cleanse is an extra-gentle cleanser ideal for post-procedure use.

Suggested use: As needed. Apply foam to palm and gently rub over face. Rinse with warm water.

Subscription Period: 60 days


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